Director’s Welcome

Since 2004, the department of International Relations of UMY has organized international class called International Program of International Relations (IPIREL). English is the official language in teaching and learning process in IPIREL. Since there is a wide range of foreign studies and foreign issues to study, the department of international relations of UMY focuses on the study of diplomacy, multinational cooperation, and non-governmental organization. IPIREL provides students with many facilities such as classes with high technology of multimedia devices. As a result, teaching learning activity will be more interesting and interactive. IPIREL has study hall and resources center that enable student to read and have discussion comfortably to support the academic activities. The international class also manages the international relations laboratory, conduct simulations and tutorial sessions.

We also have IPIREL community that facilitate student to express themselves and have fun through some student activities based on their interests and talents. Moreover, IPIREL has developed exchange programs with our partner universities abroad to facilitate our students in developing their capabilities and competencies.

Visit us in our website for more detailed information. We invite you to study in IPIREL UMY and experience the best educational atmosphere in Yogyakarta. See you in UMY!

Bambang Wahyu Nugroho, S.IP., MA

Secretary of International Program for International Relations