General Courses Islamic Studies
Civic Education
The Study of Muhammadiyah Movement
National Ideology (Pancasila)
Basic Courses Introduction to International Relations
Philosophy of Science
Introduction to Political Science
Introduction to Economics
Introduction to Sociology
English (I,II,III,IV,V,VI)
Contemporary Issues of International Relations
Social Research Methodology
Political ideas
Indonesian Political System
World History
Introduction to International Law
International Relations Theory (I & II)
Islamic Political Thought
Introduction to Diplomacy
Indonesian Foreign Policy
International Political Economy
International Organization and Institution
Strategic Studies
International Relations in Middle East
Theories of Comparative Foreign Policy
International Relations in Southeast Asia
Political Economy in East Asia
European Union Studies
Methodology of International Relations
Muslim World Studies
Seminar of International Relations
International Relations in Islamic Perspective
Competence Courses on Diplomacy Muslim World Diplomacy
Cultural Diplomacy
Diplomatic Law
International Conflict Resolution
International Negotiation Techniques
Diplomatic Practicum
Competence Courses on Transnational Society International Non-Governmental Organizations Studies
Global Environmental Politics
Humanitarian Law
Democracy and Human Right
International Islamic Movement
International Migration
Competence Courses on Multinational Business Multinational Corporations Studies
International Trade and Investment
International Trade Law
International Economic and Financial Institutions Studies
Global Entrepreneurship
International Islamic Political Economy
Elective Courses Australia Government and Politics
Japan Government and Politics
China Government and Politics
Latin America Government and Politics
Africa Government and Politics
Developing Countries Studies
Political Leadership
International Advocacy Network
Gender and Politics
Russia Government and Politics
South Asia Government and Politics
Islamic Politics in Central Asia
Human Rights
Globalization Studies
Public Opinion and Political Parties
Elective Language Courses Japanese
Final Courses Community Service
Mini Thesis / Undergraduate Thesis